Pastor’s Message

PentecostA Love Letter to Immanuel:

I’m just finishing my second Pentecost Sunday service since I’ve been your full-time pastor.  I thought you might like to know how it’s been for me serving you.

First, I love it.  I never thought I’d enjoy anything more than teaching, but this I do.  Preaching and caring for the community and the congregation is very fulfilling.  I really do love it and you.  Here are some reasons:

I’m enjoying very much increasing my Bible knowledge.  And, I’ve discovered a huge and ever growing collection of supporting reference books and magazines.  I’ve not read a mystery (my old fav) in over a year.  I don’t feel deprived, either.  I’m enjoying picking up the tapestry of God that is woven through the books.

I look forward to visiting our seniors.  I’m amazed at how bright and “with it” they are.  They read every scrap of the bulletins and the Belltower.  When Janet and I arrive, these gals pepper us with questions.  They give us hope for our futures.

I love it that I have such a wonderful support staff.  You can’t beat Sue for solving problems.  My dear friend Janet retired when I took this position.  She’s in the office over half the time and is willing to do anything to help as my assistant.

I love it that we are an alternative to very conservative denominations.  I know from talking to people that an “open and affirming” denomination is much, much more appealing than a restrictive one.  I know people would rather serve than be made to feel constricted and guilty once a week.  I just wish I could let everyone know that we’re not only warm and friendly but progressive, too.

I love it that I can “be there” for people in times of great sadness.  Planning the last service for a person is sad, but it’s also very satisfying.  It’s satisfying because here I have the opportunity to do something that actually begins the healing process.

I love bringing comfort to those who are ill, or just plain bored and lonely.  Most of the ill folks come home and continue their lives.  Either way, I can help ease a hard situation and that makes me contented and fulfilled.

The Tuesday night community dinners are an added blessing.  I love listening to their stories because I’ve “been there” and can give them hope for a better future.

You are a wonderful congregation and I can’t imagine doing anything else in my second profession.  I love you all.

Pastor Liz Wilson


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